The stinking of a loveless act

Weaves numbing with rountine

Engage in bawdy banter?

Brazen and Seductive Canter

The minx, The moll, a twilight vixen

A cunning witch

Or the weeping bitch

Curse and spit, his slinking digit

The burn, then sigh, a hapless whimper

Tight and Wild, chief the night

The wanton purr of lively parts

The scent, the moon, the mark of scamper

A peek of lace. Midnight panther

Purity, the soft down fawn

Void comfort from a human hand

Ambition for Affection?

Still, masked, Perfect

‘Till He explodes

The dark, the gleam, Angry queen

Her curls, her pearls, the turquoise glare

Light O’ Love, turn and sigh

Dirty, marked, this bit of stuff,

Sucked or beaten, ruined, Weakened

Her flesh, her fat, her countenance

Ignored, Abhorred

Yet, always in the early pink tinged shimmer

Mornings gift a purity

Beautiful Allison may awaken